Art inspired by the reconstruction of pop culture.

New York
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Art Direction, Design, Layout

Steve Fisk and Shawn Smith’s Pigeonhed was one of Seattle’s most innovative groups. The band split during recording of their third album in 2000-2001 and eventually the tapes were lost. Over a decade later, Steve found rough mixes of the record and the band went back to the studio to complete their “lost album,” remixing, re-recording and even adding new music for its release on Fin Records.

The album was called De Colores, translating to “Of Colors,” so we conceived of artwork completely devoid of color. We also wanted to do something innovative and different, so all of the art would be embroidered. After delivering the first single, “The Power Come Over Me,” we were saddened to see how poorly the effect printed, so we came up with a new concept to make the subsequent single and album art look like old, black and white films. It was even cooler than the embroidery concept and printed well in the proof stage.

But then the record label folded! Fin Records took steps to make sure the album would still be released with another label, Cabin Games. Unfortunately, due to their own difficulties at Cabin Games, the album was shelved and remains unreleased.

For the first time ever, we’re releasing early drafts of the unreleased Pigeonhed single and album art, as well as extreme closeups of The Power Come Over Me to show how the art was intended to look. Enjoy!